Your Play Experts

We’ve honed our expertise and sparked play and a love of learning with millions of children and parents — over and over — 40 years, 40 countries, 700 locations.

Everything is done intentionally, thoughtfully, and very playfully, by and with experts in both education and play, like Zero to Three®. Our whole-child approach centers around the 3 keys to learning (Social/Emotional, Cognitive and Physical). No matter their age, we design research-based curriculums with your child’s brain, body and expressive sense of wonder and joy in mind.

It’s no accident that parent involvement is at the core of our philosophy and practice — you participate actively and see your child’s confidence grows before your very eyes and ears.

(Our humble brag) We’re the global leader in early childhood development programs. But you don’t have to take our word for it, check out one of our videos of what parents, teachers and experts say. Or just watch how much the children are reveling in their own, always growing, no signs of slowing, Gymboree Play & Music experience.

Our Play-osophy

Did you know a child’s brain doubles the first year of their life and will be 80% developed by the time they’re 5 (yes, 80%!). We focus on children ages 0-5 because play is essential to brain development and social and physical growth.

Child-led. Teacher-facilitated. Parent-modeled. Those 3 parts make up a whole that’s bigger and more awesome than your everyday garden variety playground.

Our leading-edge, research-based programs are designed to support your needs and questions as a parent and cultivate your child’s unique sense of self as they flourish and play. As children grow, they have different needs, which is why we guide and create the experiences that help them use their bodies, brains and social selves in the most powerful way, at that particular stage.

For our youngest babies, that means different textures, variable positions and tummy time strength development. You as a parent are close and involved, bonding, loving and reveling in the surprise.

For our toddlers, it’s about creating countless challenges to make choices, discoveries, and problem solve. Your explorer will get into parallel play, socializing with peers, and pushing boundaries. It all adds up to an abundance of possibilities.

For our preschool aged children, the playscapes morph into unchartered territory into imaginary journeys that foster first forays into symbolic thinking, creative movement, group play, collaboration and working out win-wins with friends — and it’s always in good fun.

Innovative Playscapes

Your kids will try, learn, play, fall, figure it out. On and off slides, swings, rad climbers, tall towers, balance beams, bridges, and more. Inside and outside themselves. Growing their social skills, physical abilities, and cognitive aptitude — supported, guided, and always at play.

We entirely reconfigure our modular proprietary playscapes, every two weeks, just as we always have. That means completely new play experiences, social situations and cognitive challenges. Even within that two weeks, every experience at Gymboree Play & Music is different — familiar, yet novel — because every child, parent and teacher is different, and we all show up that way, from hour to hour, day to day.

Challenging activities. Original music. Interactive experiences. Teachers who wouldn’t be anywhere else. All designed to ignite, excite and support children, in a ridiculously fun, incredibly inviting and super safe environment. Call it growth mindset, call it a love of learning — to us, it’s just what we do — building confident learners.